Times When A Rosemead Bail Bonds Firm Is Not Required

When someone has been arrested, normally they will be detained at a local law enforcement station for booking and processing. Following this, they will be permitted to make one phone call in order to get assistance. Most detainees will immediately call their family to ask for help. This is usually the time when a family member will call a professional bail bonds firm such as ours.

In the state of California, bail amounts are set on a county to county basis. Each year, the bail schedule is reviewed. As California has the highest bail amounts in the nation, utilizing the services of a company such as ours is quite common.

Rosemead Bail Bonds is the #1 bail bonds company in Southern California. This reputation has been earned by providing unequaled services, and by ensuring the needs of clients are always the top priority. We are well known for working in with our clients, guiding them through the entire bail process, as well as being available when they need us the most.

Bail Bond agencies are not always required following someone’s arrest. One example of this is O.R. (Own Recognizance). Depending on the charge, and the county’s bail schedule, the local law enforcement station may release a defendant on O.R following the processing stage. The defendant however, must agree to appear at the appointed court date. If they do not appear, a bench warrant can be issued, and the defendant will be tracked down, and brought back into custody.

Some defendants choose not to call in a bail bonds agency following their arrest, but prefer to wait until the bail hearing to request a release on O.R. This can be risky. Depending on what the charge is, their prior criminal history (if any), if they have violated parole, or probation, or if they are considered a flight risk, their bail could be raised, or even revoked. Waiting for a bail hearing, gives the prosecutor time to do some research on the client, and present facts to the court that may not have been available at the time the defendant was arrested. Of course a judge may grant the defendant O.R, but they will have to remain in custody following their arrest until the hearing, if they choose not to seek bail assistance straight after being arrested.

We highly recommends seeking assistance to raise bail as soon after the arrest as possible. So, if you, or a loved one has been arrested, and need assistance raising the bail, call us immediately on (626) 768-9435. As we avail our services on a 24/7 basis, you are assured of getting the assistance you need right when you need it the most! Please visit our website to find even more valuable information.

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